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Alwis Agro Exporters is an well reputed Exporters of Quality Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables, Fresh Fruits & Kovil Items since 1999. All our farms located in areas which provide best fruit and vegetable varieties and all farms are registered with Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture.

In addition we work with each individual grower to ensure they produce the freshest fruits and we then ensure the whole steps of the process up to the end customer.

EDB registered Exporter with 20 years’ experience in international

Well monitored farms supervised by 2 parties – Agricultural Department & our staff.

Using of Post Harvesting Technology at our own facility for extending the life span.

State of the art factory, freezer trucks and store rooms with well-trained team

Cool climatic conditions in the country’s central hill country are ideal for temperate crops such as carrot, leek, cabbage, cauliflower, salad leaves, beet, bean, bell pepper and salad cucumber.
Low country and dry or wet areas are suitable for a variety of exotic tropical fruits and vegetables ranging from gherkins, green chili, red onion, pumpkin, bitter gourd, melon, sweet and sour banana types, queen pineapple, papaya, mango, and lemon

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